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Well Beyonce if I were a boy my sexual urges for females would be socially acceptable

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This one time i was in church and my mom said she would give me 10$ if while the priest was flinging “holy water” at us i would run into the aisle once he passed and start hissing and screaming “IT BURNS” 

do u know how many angry Christians i got in my inbox because of this


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black and white blog *trigger warning*

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condoms are doing it right

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Let me give you all a little back story, for those of you who weren’t around for all that’s been going on in the past month.

I worked for mygirlfund for two years. I brought in the most new customers every single month since I started working for them. EVERY. MONTH. I never had many problems. Hell, the site even considered me one of the “legends” and I was working on a page with them and about 16 other models where we could make suggestions to improve the site. Things were really looking up for me, it seemed. However, I had no idea what was really going on.

The past couple months, a lot of the models have been running into more and more scammers. Men that will promise women large amounts of money for photo content, receive the content, and never pay the women. So, we started reporting these men to support. However, “support” (which the whole site is just run by two men) refused to help. They let the men continue to use their site to scam their own workers! So, some of the models took a stand. Started making lists of scammers so that models could be aware of who to stay away from and who to block. A lot of models were having their account suspended because of this. They completely overlooked the fact that DOZENS of men were breaking their rules fifteen different ways. They punished women who were just trying to help out their co-workers, their friends.

Things kept going downhill from there. A woman had started posting on the blog page. She explained that she had started talking to this man, and he had tracked her down. Found her Facebook, her address, her phone number, her work address, and even started harassing her teenage daughter. He literally threatened their lives, from what I was told about it. So, the woman reached out to Support. They wouldn’t do anything about it. So she reached out on the blogs page. Every single post was deleted. So other models started standing with her and posting in the blog page. Their posts were deleted, maybe even their whole profiles. Once again, the site would rather protect it’s name and awful customers than protect it’s workers.

We found out some worse things after that. Turns out that although women have to provide several different forms of identification in order to join the site, all men need is their email. So, I decided that I would post some suggestions on how to fix all of these problems on the legends page. It was a very sweet, well thought out paragraph about how making the men provide ID when signing up would keep some scammers out, and if scammers were caught their ID could be put on a no-fly list so they couldn’t make another active profile. I further stated that letting these men on the site made me and a lot of other models feel unsafe. So what do they do? They deleted my legends profile. They kicked me out of the legends for having an idea they didn’t like.

Not too long after that, a scammer on the site named Azsundevil02 came to my attention. He was a man who seemed to have a fetish for women shaving their heads. This is uncommon, but not unheard of in our industry. A lot of women found this man to be a scammer. He would promise anywhere between $500 and $1000 for these women to shave their head in a video or on cam. Some, he would give half before the show or before the video and promise the other half later, then not give the models the other half. Some, he would sweet talk into getting on cam or doing the video first without pay, and then he would disappear from the site and never send them the money.

The more I heard of him, the more angry I got. A lot of women were reporting him with solid evidence, and the site refused to do anything. So, I made a YouTube video about scammers, and how to avoid scamming. I made sure to mention him specifically in the description.

Nothing happened for a while, but last night Azsundevil02 got ahold of me on MGF, and began threatening to have my profile taken down. I told him that he could tell me his side of the story and if he had a logical explanation on why ten women have all told me that he scammed them, I would take my video down and try to get his side of the story out there. I waited and waited and waited for a reply and got none. A few hours after that, I found that my account was gone. I checked my email, hoping for a clear explanation, but got none. Just an email that said “your account has been terminated.” That’s it.

Now that I’ve got nothing left to lose, I’m standing against MyGirlFund. They don’t deserve the popularity they’ve gained because of me. I made tons of videos and posts about how great they were. I referred model after model after model to their site, and don’t even get me started on customers. They don’t deserve the money they’ve made because of me and because of my followers. 

So if you have an account as a customer, delete it. There are tons of wonderful sites out there like MGF that treat their models right, and have a larger array of different content that’s MUCH easier to navigate. If you’re a model and it wont put you in financial danger to leave, please I beg you to do it. There are dozens of other sites that you can work for that WILL treat you correctly.

Boycott MyGirlFund. They don’t deserve your money. They do not deserve your membership. They need to be taught that they cannot treat their models like trash.

- Ryden Anne

I decided this site was worthless trash when I saw that they were allowing girls to have bestiality videos up and letting harassing rape-centered members to post their “tell me about how you were raped so I can jerk off to it” requests.

I’m SO glad I never joined it.

Please avoid this site, ladies.

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